JoveTrans Mix Translator Earbuds, Portable Language Translator Device.

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Designed to rapidly reduce environmental noise, the JoveTrans Mix wearable translator allows for more naturalistic real-time acoustical enjoyment and can be used to translate, listen to music, take calls, and more. By supporting 30+ commonly used languages, the real-time translation function of JoveTrans Mix acts as a medium for barrier-free communication.

These voice-translator earbuds are capable of translating Arabic, Catalan, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Malay, Bengali, Czech, Khmer, Vietnamese, Turkish, Serbian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Bulgarian, and Hebrew, allowing the user to connect with approximately 90% of the world's population!

Whether you’re talking with a friend, working out at the gym, working, or just going about your day-to-day routine, the JoveTrans Mix true wireless earbuds eliminate the hassle of tangling cords or balancing your phone. The 30-foot clear Bluetooth connection distance, 8/24 hours of continuous listening without/with the charging case, and quick pairing in-ear all free you up for the everyday experiences.

These smart earbuds provide a premium sound experience through the use of active noise cancellation. If you need to quickly jump back to what’s happening around you, simply press the touch button and bring outside sound back in. You can also easily adjust the volume on your wireless translation device with smart controls on the earbuds or simply pull out your earpiece for a smart pause.

Designed with a modern, sleek look and bold color choices, the JoveTrans Mix Earbuds make an unforgettable gift. No matter the occasion, whether it be Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and more, the recipient is sure to love these quality wireless travel earbuds. Add JoveTrans’s innovative and unmatched dual functions to your daily routine, and you'll wonder how you ever survived without them.